How Technology is Transforming the Restaurant Industry: The Evolution of Dining

The restaurant sector is undergoing a substantial transition in an era of rapid technological breakthroughs. Technology has revolutionised not only the way diners engage with restaurants, but also the overall dining experience. This article examines how technology is altering the restaurant sector, from the kitchen to front-of-house operations. Discuss how digital menus and ordering systems have grown in popularity, allowing...

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Woolworths New Partnership with AI Start-up on Web Dietary Filters

Woolworths has partnered with UK tech startup Spoon Guru to add new filtering options to its online shopping experience, allowing customers with food allergies or dietary and lifestyle restrictions to sort its products based on their needs. According to Woolworths general manager of digital experience Ananth Sarathy, the supermarket is the first retailer in Australia to partner with the startup....

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