Centuries in the Making: Stuffed Tomatoes and the Romance of Greek Cuisine

Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Greek cuisine, a dish known as "gemista" or "yemista" (γεμιστά / γεμιστή) holds a special place. These stuffed tomatoes, bursting with a fragrant rice pilaff and bathed in a luscious tomato sauce, have become synonymous with summer, family gatherings, and the rich culinary heritage of Greece. However, the tale of stuffed tomatoes is more...

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Introducing Thor: Revolutionary Commercial Kitchen Equipment

In the bustling world of commercial kitchens, efficiency, durability, and precision are paramount. Thor's manufacturers, a leading provider of catering equipment, introduced Thor's line of commercial cooking equipment, to the UK market in 2015. Originally launched in Australia in 2014, Thor has swiftly garnered acclaim for its robust design and exceptional performance. Thor's repertoire encompasses a comprehensive array of essential...

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Dare to Go Rare: Inside the World of Blue Steaks

What Is a Blue Steak?Craving tender steak with a hint of sear? Look no further than blue steak, cooked just enough to kiss the outside with heat while leaving the centre a vibrant red. This quick-cooked technique unlocks the meat's natural softness, making it a dream for those who love melt-in-your-mouth textures. Whether you're a butcher honing your craft or...

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Tips to Make the Most of the Festive Season for Restaurants and Hotels

For many years, the holiday season has been a time for families to come together to celebrate the joy of the year, and restaurants and hotels have always taken advantage of this opportunity to increase their revenue. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the festive season for your business: Plan and Prepare In addition to...

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Dive into the ever-evolving world of the culinary industry. Discover the latest trends in restaurants, cooking, and café ideas, and uncover the secrets to surviving the cooking business.

Thriving in the Cooking Business: Restaurants, Culinary Trends and Café Ideas

The culinary world is a fierce arena where restaurants, cafés, and eateries are consistently vying for customer attention. In an industry that's always simmering with innovation, how can cooking businesses stay afloat and thrive? This article serves as a guide for cooks, chefs, restaurant managers, café owners, and hotel managers, providing insights into the latest trends in the industry and...

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What Are the Advantages of Sous-Vide Cooking?

In the realm of culinary innovation, restaurant owners should always keep the spirit of creativity alive. Whether it's exploring novel payment methods for customers, offering diverse dining experiences, or introducing exciting menu items, thinking outside the box is key to setting your establishment apart. In the culinary arena, innovation can manifest itself through the adoption of new cooking equipment and...

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