Elevating Your Pasta Game

Pasta is a staple dish in many households, but it can sometimes feel repetitive or boring. With a few simple additions, you can elevate your pasta game and create delicious and unique dishes that will impress your family and friends. In this article, we'll explore some of the best herbs and spices to use when cooking pasta, as well as...

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Al Dente Classic Italian Calamarata – Pasta with Calamari & Tomato Sauce

Classic Italian Calamarata is loaded with seafood flavour and made with super simple ingredients! Ready in 20 minutes and oh so tasty, if you love pasta and seafood this is sure to become a favourite.The classic Italian Calamarata recipe takes its name by the two main ingredients: calamarata pasta & fresh calamari rings.Calamarata pasta is a typical Neapolitan pasta shape, which...

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