Al Dente Classic Italian Calamarata – Pasta with Calamari & Tomato Sauce by Madhavi Detroja

Al Dente Classic Italian Calamarata – Pasta with Calamari & Tomato Sauce

Classic Italian Calamarata is loaded with seafood flavour and made with super simple ingredients! Ready in 20 minutes and oh so tasty, if you love pasta and seafood this is sure to become a favourite.

The classic Italian Calamarata recipe takes its name by the two main ingredients: calamarata pasta & fresh calamari rings.

Calamarata pasta is a typical Neapolitan pasta shape, which inherited its name for its shape that resembles calamari (or squid) rings. This specialty pasta has the ability to absorb all kinds of condiments, making it the perfect companion for this simple but incredibly delicious seafood sauce.

Being a proud Italian, I love cooking Italian recipes – There’s something magical in the way simple inexpensive ingredients turn into mouth-watering delicacies, and the classic Italian Calamarata is a perfect example.

Made with calamarata pasta and fresh calamari rings cooked in a delicious tomato sauce, the pasta is cooked al dente and finished off with fresh aromatic chopped parsley just before serving.

In typical Italian style, the recipe for the classic Calamarata couldn’t be easier.

Ready in just 20 minutes start to finish, it only requires 7 simple ingredients: fresh calamari (or high-quality whole defrosted calamari), calamarata pasta (but paccheri or mezze maniche would work well too), white wine, garlic, cherry tomatoes, tomato concentrate, and fresh parsley.

There are loads of variations around, including using mixed seafood, tomato sauce instead of fresh tomatoes & concentrate, or baking the pasta in the oven in foil parcels.

The Classic Italian Calamarata Is Super Easy To Make

I’m sticking to the original Italian Calamarata recipe, which is crazy easy and quick to make. I’ve deliberately kept mine basic, but a pinch of dry chilli to spice things up, or a few fresh basil leaves for a fragrant note, are just a few favourite add-ons that would make your pasta even tastier.

Once you’ve cleaned your calamari (you can ask the fishmonger to do it for you), then cut into rings and sauté them together with garlic with a bit of oil. Add white wine & tomato paste, and once the alcohol is evaporated, fold in the tomatoes and cook for 10 minutes over gentle heat.

Fold in the pasta al dente, add a little bit of cooking water, then mix all ingredients, season with loads of black pepper and a bit of parsley and serve straight away.

Calamarata is best eaten straight away, so I wouldn’t suggest to store leftovers in the fridge as it would just lose all its flavour and texture.

If your looking for a fresh speedy dinner that requires simple ingredients and it’s also packed with nutrients, then this classic Italian Calamarata definitely fits the bill. Perfect for the mid summer weather, but it’s a great and super easy seafood recipe to make all-year-long!

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