Food Safety Training

Food safety training in hospitality businesses - find out who requires it, how to comply and what is a properly trained Food Safety Supervisor and Food Handler.

Food safety training for hospitality
If you're starting or running a hospitality business, you and your employees need the right training to meet food safety laws.

A hospitality business is any business where food is prepared and served to customers and includes:
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and motels
  • Bars, clubs and pubs
  • Event and conference centres
  • Casinos and gaming venues

How to comply with food safety laws

Train your Food Safety Supervisor
Most Australian hospitality businesses must have at least one properly trained Food Safety Supervisor.

Apply for your business licence
See your local council to apply for your business licence to start your hospitalty business.

Train your Food Handlers
Not just kitchen staff, but any employee who serves, moves, delivers or cleans food or food equipment.

Be food audit ready
Keep your proof of nationally recognised food safety training nearby for food safety inspections.

Training requirements for hospitality businesses

Food Safety Supervisor requirements
In NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT, it's a mandatory requirement that hospitality businesses have at least one Food Safety Supervisor on their staff at all times.

This means at least one person must have:
  1. undergone nationally recognised training
  2. obtained the required units of competency to be recognised as a Food Safety Supervisor

Additional NSW requirements
If you are in NSW:
  • training must be delivered by a NSW Food Authority approved provider - such as AIFS
  • you will receive your regular Statement of Attainment when you complete your Food Safety Supervisor training with AIFS
  • you will also receive a certificate issued by the NSW Food Authority, sometimes known as the 'green certificate'
  • If you're applying for a new food business licence, you'll be asked for the certificate number from this document.
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Food Handler requirements
Federal legislation (governed by FSANZ) states that all Food Handlers must be trained in food safety.
Many people are surprised to learn that Food Handlers aren't just those employees who work in the kitchen.
A Food Handler can also be someone who:
  • serves food to customers
  • moves food into storage
  • delivers food
  • cleans equipment and utensils
  • Simply put, anyone that comes into contact with food or food equipment in a food business is a 'Food Handler'.

All Food Handlers require the necessary food safety training to perform this role.
The Food Handler Course offered by AIFS has been designed to meet this requirement.
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