How UNOX Is the Chef’s Oven You Can Afford with Greater Profits by Sara Mariani

How UNOX Is the Chef’s Oven You Can Afford with Greater Profits

Superlatives come easier when writing about the superb range of UNOX ovens. Nothing else we know provides the same standard of cooking excellence teamed with superb, energy-efficient design. While the capital outlay may be greater than some other similar-size alternatives, your money returns to you sooner with more covers at less energy cost.

Speak to us about attending the next live cooking demo. Better still, buy a UNOX Oven from us and we will teach your kitchen staff how to operate it, and maintain it in your own cafe, bar, hotel or restaurant. That is how convinced we are that UNOX is the king of ovens. We know it will take your culinary skills to new heights of inspiration.

5 Extremely Good Reasons to Choose a UNOX Oven

  • UNOX ovens are incredibly energy efficient. They have multiple thermo-fans that swirl the heat around the product, so it cooks faster and is tastier. You keep the flavour where it belongs, in the food and it never dries out. We may see you on Facebook and Instagram soon.
  • UNOX ovens have fingertip tap controls. You will love them not just because of the magic they work, but also because you can wipe sticky marks away with a wipe. There is an intuitive computer behind the glass. It wants to get to know you better. When it does, it may even make suggestions!
  • Most UNOX oven parts come from Italy. Passionate Italian chefs demand the most perfect cooking machines ever, from a company established for the sole purpose of making world-class convection, steam, baking and combo ovens.
  • A range of neutral equipment helps minimise the footprint UNOX ovens take. These include open stands with racks for baking trays, and under-oven cabinets. Moreover, UNOX ovens are stackable as high as you can reach, and you can order them with baking trays, prover ovens and even more accessories.
  • UNOX ovens have memory for 350 different recipes. They faithfully store your settings, and you can program recipes and store them manually. Whether you want to steam, bake, or grill place the product in the oven, close the door, and punch the number. UNOX will notify you discreetly when the food is ready.

3 Things You May Not Know About the Latest UNOX Range

  • Both Cheftop MIND.Maps™ and Bakertop MIND.Maps™ models adapt to changes in routine. For example, you may need to open the door, or add additional product. No worries, UNOX recalculates, and makes suggestions you can accept or reject.
  • UNOX artificial intelligence observes and quietly processes information about how you cook. Then it politely offers suggestions and new recipes you may like to consider. Its programmers hoped to create the perfect chef’s assistant. We believe they did.
  • Our UNOX ovens include a hand-held cellular device so you can monitor cooking progress from the comfort of your office. You could even go as far as creating new recipes online, and loading them to the oven with one click.

That Is Great to Know, but I Am Not Sure I Could Remember All That

No worries, write your recipes down and our technicians will program them on your UNOX computer. So, if for example if you want to bake Moussaka, it will be No.1 on the memory if you put it first on your list. Here is something else that may interest you. You do not even have to be in the building to cook up a perfect storm. Once someone selects the recipe, you will get the same perfect meal you designed every time.

Just imagine the freedom of being able to take time off from your kitchen, without fretting standards will fall while you are away from your post. When we said pre-programmable, we really meant it. We will show you how to do it, and we will always be there for you on the phone to offer advice.

This Is a Lot of Money to Spend on an Oven, How to Convince the Boss

Do your sums. We can help you with that too. UNOX cleans itself, but that is only the beginning of the benefits. Your related energy costs could fall as much as 70%. But the big money-spinner is your kitchen becomes more productive without hiring extra people. Run the numbers. Tell your boss how much more money he could make from those extra covers, and how soon your UNOX could pay for itself.

If the decision comes down to cash, talk about the benefits of leasing your UNOX instead. You will find it easier to upgrade to a larger oven once you have proved your point. The smaller payments should be easier to cope with, and you could even claim your leasing costs as a tax-deductible expense. Finally, in the event of a breakdown - highly unlikely we admit - your leasing company could pay the repair bill.

However, leasing is not all a bed of roses. You will pay more for the oven over time, and you have nothing to trade in later for new technology. If your boss makes an outright purchase, they can claim depreciation as a tax deductible. However, there is one more thing that is even more important, and that is taking your kitchen to new heights.

Your New Heights of Perfection Only Achievable with a UNOX Oven

Assume for a moment that we have a popular restaurant. We are doing well, but some other venues have the edge on us. The hotels and edgy restaurants mop up the seasonal traffic we need to take our restaurant to new heights. We are also facing challenges from the better fast food outlets, because their offerings are consistent and quick.

Those restaurants, hotels, and fast food outlets are taking our business because they have high-speed convection ovens in their kitchens. You need one too. You have to have one. We stock UNOX because we believe it is the very best in class. Invite us to your kitchen. We will show you how to take your menu to new heights of delicious UNOX perfection. Request your free Individual Cooking Experience today.

With a wide variety of ovens from UNOX, shop the range today from ICE Group Warehouse website at or contact us on 02 4228 0100.

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