7 Tips for Diagnosing & Repairing Commercial Kitchen Equipment by Martin Costanzo

7 Tips for Diagnosing & Repairing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Whether you're running a professional kitchen or outfitting your own home, keeping your commercial kitchen equipment running smoothly is key. To minimize repairs and maximize productivity, follow these seven tips on how to effectively maintain and repair any kitchen equipment.

Regularly Inspect and Test Equipment.

Regularly inspecting and testing all of your kitchen equipment is essential in ensuring their proper function. Look out for corrosion, leaks, cracks, loose parts, and other signs of wear and tear. If any issues arise, repair them immediately or call a qualified technician to do the repairs for you. This method can save you time and money in the long run!

Monitor Temperature Changes in Refrigerators & Freezers.

Temperature control is vital in keeping your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently. Refrigerators and freezers should maintain their set temperature and not fluctuate too much. Monitor the temperature regularly to ensure that they stay at the ideal settings. If you notice fluctuations, the problem could be with a broken compressor or coolant leak, so inspect those components immediately.

Repair Seals on Faucets, Valves and Hoses Promptly if Necessary.

Leaky seals can be a big problem if not addressed promptly. They can lead to water wastage and damage to other components in the kitchen, so inspect your faucets, valves and hoses for damage periodically. Gaskets and O-rings are typically cheap and easy to replace, but it’s best to take photos so you know how to put everything back the way it was before. If possible, consult an experienced plumber for advice on repairs – mistakes can end up costing you more money in the long run.

Perform Regular Cleaning & Maintenance of Kitchen Grease Traps & Exhaust Fans.

Regular maintenance of kitchen grease traps and exhaust fans is essential for minimizing downtime and reducing the risk of fires. With grease traps, you should give them a thorough scrubbing twice a month to prevent buildup from obstructing pipes, which can cause serious backups in your plumbing system. For exhaust fans, inspect the filter every week to make sure it’s not caked with oils or fats, as this will reduce its ability to capture potentially hazardous particles from the air. Cleaning your filter off with soap and water once every two months is advised in order to keep grease levels down and protect your equipment from damage.

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