Our Range of Solid, Dependable Commercial Gas Cook Ovens by Martin Costanzo

Our Range of Solid, Dependable Commercial Gas Cook Ovens

Your oven really is the heat in the heart of your kitchen if you roast, steam or bake. Imagine the pickle you'd be in if your main oven let you down early on Saturday evening as your customers started arriving. You might have to rely on your flat top griller or deep fryer. If you are considering replacing your main kitchen oven, it therefore makes sense to purchase enduring quality even if it costs a little more.

Which Oven Type is Likely to Suit You Best?

Your primary choice is between gas or electric energy. Many chefs are turning to Natural / LPG gas following Australia’s recent electric grid outages. Moreover, natural gas has a lighter carbon footprint, but that is not all. Gas is the cheaper alternative, and many chefs believe the product is softer and moister too. Finally, your kitchen will stay a little cooler. From there, it is a matter of how much you are willing to spend.

However, we should mention that traditional gas cooking ranges lack the high-speed finesse of computer-controlled combi ovens such as the UNOX range we have introduced to our range of commercial ovens. These may suit you better if you have an agile à la carte menu and cook on the fly. If not, then arguably the simplicity of one of our robust gas convection ovens could suit you best.

This is the reason why these solid descendants of wood and coal-burning stoves have their place in all grand hotel kitchens, and feature everywhere there is mass-preparation of standard meals. Schools, aged care facilities and work canteens swear by them because they are simple to clean and easier to operate. With that as foretaste, let us talk next about size and overall design of commercial ovens.

Size and Overall Design Considerations

There never seems to be enough space in any kitchen. The simplest designs soon clutter with countertop equipment. Hence, space-saver ovens that are narrower, but deeper make considerable sense in smaller kitchens. We also need to consider the vertical dimension. If gas stoves do not have cooking tops, then we can put them on stands that create handy storage space below.

The choice of commercial gas ovens also depends largely on how much oven space you need, and in which configuration. Do you want deep, wide space with burners on top? Or would you prefer two ovens side-by-side for greater flexibility. Take a longer view. What will your menu look like in terms of variety in two years’ time? How many covers will you be serving then?

With an wide range of quality commercial ovens to choose from such as Luus, Moffat, Blue Seal, Trueheat, Mareno, Unox, Garland, Thor and more. Your choices are endless, the end result make sure you choose the right oven, a quality oven to suit your cooking style and layout. Ultimately the investment is well worth the cost in this ever changing landscape in the food service industry.

Finally, although chefs do come and go, it generally makes sense to have your current one accompany you to our show room and help you decide or alternatively we come to you. Chefs work with ovens on a deeper, more personal level than restaurant owners and managers. Being creative people, they produce their best work when they are content with their environment.

Our overview of just some of our dependable Luus, Moffat and Thor Gas Ovens

Our Luus Gas Oven Range

The Luus commercial and catering equipment company has been in Melbourne since 1998, when engineer Don Luu applied his passion for innovating and improving. The company is committed to providing what the Australian market wants, within a policy of helping create a sustainable environment. Moreover, all their products have WaterMark and Australian Gas Association certification.

Their glistening, stainless steel range is available in 600, 900, and 1200mm wide models, and includes multiple open burner, griddle, and chargrill combinations. The 900mm-wide range has twin, matching ovens, while the widest one adds a smaller oven to one side. The company claims “a unique U-shaped static oven burner design ideal for roasting, and creating a natural convection while allowing fat to drip directly onto a convenient removable tray.” 

Our Moffat Waldorf Gas Oven Range

The Moffat Group is active throughout Australia and New Zealand and exports its products made in Christchurch to over fifty countries. It is committed to environmental responsibility, and aims to be at the sharp end of change and innovation. Their static Waldorf range features “full galvanised steel chassis, and fully framed doors fitted with a heavy-duty hinge system for a lifetime of operation.”

Our Waldorf 1200mm static gas oven has a full width, dual door chamber with full gastronorm capability, and powerful LPG burners above. This combination makes it perfect for any busy kitchen needing to roast, grill and simmer sauces all day long. Inspire your chef with its easy cleaning, stainless steel construction and heavy-duty dial controls. It could be your first choice for constant commercial use.

Our Thor Gas Oven Range

Thor makes an exclusive range of commercial gas ovens in Hong Kong. These are topped with various combinations of its legendary griddle launched in 2001. It describes itself as a company delivering value in commercial foodservice equipment, by combining simplistic design with superior manufacturing processes.

The ovens come in 600mm, 900mm, and 1200mm widths. Their cooking tops comprise 4 open burners / full size griddle, full size griddle, and 2 burners plus 600mm griddle respectively. The range includes matching cooktops with stands, plus optional rectangular fry pan’s for preparing multiple foods at once. The target market is “the busiest of restaurants, canteens and other food outlets” per Thor.

You Are Not Alone When You Purchase a Gas Oven from Us

Baking is one of humankind’s most ancient culinary arts. The oldest extant clay oven was 6,500 years old when discovered in Croatia, and could probably still do the job if archaeologists allowed it. The Romans took the art to Europe from where it spread worldwide. However, it only became an industry when automated machinery arrived. We are proud to present this fine series of classic gas convection ovens, and hope to provide you with a friend that could last for decades, with care.

Gas ovens may be the most expensive freestanding equipment in the kitchen. Our consultants are available to advise and help you make the right choice to optimise your purchase. They can also provide valuable input regarding financing options, and suggest adaptions to your menu you will now be able to make. You can be rest assured our support will always be there, in terms of training and after sales service for as long as you need it!

Shop the range today at ICE Group Warehouse at https://www.icegroup.com.au or contact us for a free detailed review or design & construction evaluation of your kitchen 02 4228 0100.

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