The Benefits of Blast Chillers for Food Safety in the Hospitality Industry by Sara Mariani

The Benefits of Blast Chillers for Food Safety in the Hospitality Industry

As the world continues to grow and our knowledge of health advances, more and more individuals are demanding freshly frozen foods compared to mass produced meat and produce that has been shipped all across the country before making it to its final destination. There are many benefits to using blast chillers.

Blast Chillers 

Bacteria Control

Bacteria and food-borne illness are serious issues that threaten everyone. Moving perishables by refrigeration trucks and over long distances can lead to them leaving their ideal temperature range, sometimes for hours at a time if proper monitoring is not put in place. However, freshly frozen foods are kept at their ideal temperature, around 0 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius. A blast chiller can freeze several tons of food products in just 24 hours, meaning bacteria has no time to develop.


Unlike traditional freezing processes that slowly destroy nutrients, blast chillers help preserve them in the food through the super fast freezing process. The nutrient preserving properties of a blast chiller are helpful to everyone, but are especially important for food that is going to be delivered to schools and other places where people rely on nutrient-dense foods to help them develop.

Cost Effective

Using a blast chiller is quite cost effective for many reasons. First off, it processes large amounts of food quickly. Second, they can be portable or stationary depending on your needs. Third, they help preserve food, prevent waste, and avoid spoilage. Fourth, having a blast chiller can even result in expanding one’s business by allowing them to stock more produce and keep more produce on-hand at once thanks to proper preservation methods.

Investing In A Blast Freezer

There are many reasons to invest in a blast freezer. They are used by caterers, food distributors, and just about every business in between to not only keep food tasting its best but also to avoid bacteria growth, illnesses, and spoilage. They reduce food waste by keeping food at its ideal temperature, and they preserve nutrients making blast frozen food a healthier option for families and individuals alike. When it comes to comparing costs, it is much cheaper to purchase or rent a blast chiller over a number of months than to build a separate cold storage facility.


Blast freezers are beneficial to everyone! All sorts of businesses employ them, from bakers and retailers to food groups and even butchers to help keep food fresh and nutrient-rich, and avoid spoilage. The nutrient preservation properties provided by a blast freezer also benefits consumers, and since businesses will save on costs, those savings will be passed down the line.

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