The Classic Trend: Grey & White Kitchen Ideas by Sara Mariani

The Classic Trend: Grey & White Kitchen Ideas

The timeless appeal of a beautiful kitchen in white and trendy panache of grey at its brilliant best? It is a combination that is bound to turn heads even while exuding understated elegance. Grey and white kitchens are set to top trends charts for a while now and if you already have a kitchen in white, then adding a dash of grey to it is all you need to jump in on this cool bandwagon. Easily adapting to different diverse styles, a grey and white colour scheme brings an air of modernity to even farmhouse and rustic kitchens! Kitchen in grey with wine storage space and white tiled backsplash. Grey has undoubtedly been the hottest neutral for several years now and what was initially pegged as a fleeting trend has now become a definitive style statement in the world of interior design. From being a simple neutral, grey has evolved to play lead role in many a sensational kitchen.

Even though it might come as a surprise to some, the most popular kitchens in recent times among homeowners are those with grey walls and cabinets in a light hue ranging from shades of grey to pristine white. Instead of using grey sporadically in the white kitchen, designers have flipped the template and have opted to go with grey as the dominant hue in most of the kitchens. The latest kitchen compositions showcased by the likes of Scavolini, Leicht and Snaidero reflect this switch, even as the kitchens themselves still remain cutting-edge both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. 


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