Top 10 Essential Requirements for Your Restaurant Kitchen by Sara Mariani

Top 10 Essential Requirements for Your Restaurant Kitchen

Commercial Cooking Equipment is at the sharp end of any professional commercial or catering kitchen. Whether you’re making succulent steaks, crispy fried chicken or even simple steamed rice, the right cooking equipment helps you to produce those delicious and most appetising results customers long for.

Here at Illawarra Catering Equipment, express kitchen supplies, we have a vast selection of professional commercial cooking equipment. From heavy duty microwaves and commercial combination ovens to powerful deep fryers, there’s plenty of choice to help you cook food quickly, accurately and efficiently.

With market leading Australian and International brands such as Rational, Roband, Birko, Brema, LUUS, Samsung, Tomkin, Frymaster, Comenda, Robot Coupe, Hamilton Beach, Garland, Trueheat, Purevac, Mareno and SKOPE the extensive range is guaranteed to include models which benefit you and your commercial kitchen.

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One of the major obstacles in modern catering is space. Sometimes, there's just not enough room for all the machines you need. As front of houses are getting bigger and kitchens smaller, we ask which compact machines give you the best bang for your buck.

The best way to cram the most performance out of a machine is to invest in one that can carry out numerous different tasks - this reduces the need for multiple different appliances, so it's often worthwhile to spend a little extra for the functionality.

#1 Commercial Refrigeration

The first thing that should be on your priority list is commercial refrigeration. Food safety and food quality are of vital importance to your restaurant’s success, which is why you shouldn’t count on anything less than excellent refrigeration equipment to preserve all the fresh and perishable items you’ll be serving up.

Without a refrigeration unit that is reliable and keeps food at the right temps, you risk food spoilage--perhaps with you not even noticing it until the ingredients have been cooked up and served. An improper refrigeration unit will lead to lost money, time, and potentially clients.

#2 Combi Steam Ovens

Steam ovens are all about pumping out high-quality, delicious dishes in less time. While they can be a hefty investment, they will quickly become a staple in your staff’s workflow and they will increase productivity ten-fold. Your clientele will appreciate the yummy plates and the shortened wait time.

You know that your staff appreciate having the right tools and your clients will most certainly enjoy being able to have higher quality food faster, which makes steam ovens a grand investment for your restaurant.

#3 Commercial Cooktops

You can’t rely on anything less than an industrial grade cooktop to fuel your kitchen. If you are counting on a consumer cooktop to get things out to your wait staff, your kitchen is bound to be suffering from delays, unevenly cooked food, and soon-to-be-dead burners that aren’t made to be used as often as your restaurant needs them.

Invest in a modern commercial cooktop to get the job done right. While you’re at it, also think about an exhaust fan and proper venting to ensure that grease and smoke stay out of the kitchen and dining area!

#4 Commercial Blenders

Do you serve up smoothies or drinks of any kind? What about pureed ingredients? Blenders can come in handy in all sorts of situations for your commercial kitchen. Having a high-quality, commercial grade blender will ensure it doesn’t burn out on you in the middle of service.

Blenders may or may not be essential to your restaurant’s success. It depends on what you’re serving up and what tools your staff would say they need the most.

#5 Commercial Microwaves

One of the most popular small kitchen machines is the commercial microwave. Great for cooking, defrosting or reheating, a microwave excels at many different functions and is often overlooked in favour of range ovens or combination ovens. Microwaves are also far more energy efficient and can often be stacked or positioned on shelves to make the most of all the available space you have.

#6 Bench Top Fryers

Although high capacity freestanding fryers are great, they can take up quite a lot of room. A commercial Benchtop Deep Fryer still allows you to make fried chicken or chips, as well as snacks like donuts or churros, all without using up valuable floor space. Bench Top Fryers are also ideal for demo cooking or as extra capacity during your busy hours.

#7 Soup Kettles

A Soup Kettle has got to be one of the very best small machines on the market. Designed to hot hold any pre-cooked foods, you can serve soup, chilli, curry, mulled wine or even custard in these compact pots. They pay for themselves really quickly too.

#8 Food Processors

If you're spending an age slicing, grating and dicing vegetables, a Commercial Food Processor can really help you to save time and effort. The great thing about food processors is that they don't take up much bench space and are usually just plugged in - just stow it away when not in use. Most processors also have interchangeable discs, allowing you loads of different types of cuts depending on your menu.

#9 Commercial Ice Makers

Although it's possible to buy very large Ice Makers, the compact versions are often overlooked. Benchtop ice makers can often fulfil the need for ice where larger versions can't, as their compact design allows them to squeeze into smaller spaces and there's no need for a mains water connection. As ice is such a vital ingredient in modern catering, a bench top ice maker is a fine choice if you're short of space.

#10 Commercial Coffee Machines

Does your café, bar or restaurant serve coffee? People today have especially high standards when they order a brew. Simple canned coffee doesn’t meet the mark any longer, which is why your business should invest in a commercial grade coffee machine that can spout out piping hot brews ready to be enjoyed by the finest coffee lovers.

Commercial coffee machines come in a variety of different makes and models. You might be looking for a simple single brew that will allow you to serve fresh black coffee, or something more sophisticated (like one complete with an espresso maker). Think about what your clientele may enjoy the most when choosing which coffee maker to invest in for your kitchen.


There's many more quality commercial equipment which save space on the Illawarra Catering Equipment website at, as well as a massive selection of larger commercial equipment to meet the needs of any professional kitchen. Check out our full selection of commercial cooking machines or contact us on 02 4228 0100 for a consultant to contact you regarding your next fit out, equipment supply or installation.

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