Where There's Smoke, There's Flavour that Lasts! by Sara Mariani

Where There's Smoke, There's Flavour that Lasts!

There can be little doubt that smoking certain types of food can add a whole new dimension to their flavour.

Whether it’s a succulent rack of ribs or a tender ham, smoked foods can almost be treated as a delicacy when done right. Additionally, modern chefs are forever coming up with innovative new ways to smoke all kinds of different foods out there, from yoghurt through cheese – the list goes on!

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to include a top-of-the-range smoker in your commercial kitchen, and by purchasing one of Alto-Shaam’s range of ovens of this type, you’re well on your way to preparing smoked food from the heavens. Let’s take a look at a few different foods that work beautifully when smoked, as well as just why you should invest in an Alto-Shaam smoker in your commercial kitchen.


Typically, the most common types of food that are smoked are various meats and fish, but other kinds, such as cheese, vegetables and certain desserts can benefit from the smoke treatment, too. Smoked foods are not only popular because of their exquisite flavour – though that does play a large part!

Smoking can also reduce fats already present in foods, as it ‘sweats’ out during the cooking process.

Such foods are often chosen by the health-conscious due to their low fat content, but also their high protein count. What’s more, the smoking process is unlike other forms of cooking that require the use of fats and other calorie-rich substances like external sauces. Smoking can also reduce fats already present in foods, as it ‘sweats’ out during the cooking process.

So, you’ve made up your mind to add a smoker to your kitchen. Why should you choose an Alto-Shaam as your unit of choice? Let’s take a look.



Both of Alto-Shaam’s smokers – and the 767SK with manual controls, as well as the 767SK111 with digital ones – come equipped with cutting-edge Halo Heat® technology. This allows products to be cooked with up to 18 per cent less meat shrinkage than would occur using conventional cooking methods, lending a more impressive appearance on the plate. This technology can can cook food without the need for fans, forced air or added humidity, quickly and efficiently going about its business.

Additionally, your kitchen will benefit from higher meat yields, and this can allow your establishment to make notable savings on your bottom line, without compromising on quality. Both appliances come complete with samples of cherry, hickory, apple and maple wood chips, so you can experiment with a range of flavours (or a combination) before choosing the one that best suits your needs.


Smoking your products in an Alto-Shaam appliance is also an excellent, efficient way of preserving them for later use. This is because smoking can reduce moisture from meats and the like in the same manner as salting them does in the conventional ways of preservation. Of course, smoking products is primarily used to give the flavour a new edge, but it can also hugely extend their shelf life too, keeping food waste to a minimum.

With both the Alto-Shaam Smoker ovens, you can smoke your products overnight, meaning that they’ll be ready for use the next morning. There’s no danger of over-smoking, either – once the smoking process is complete, the appliance will automatically switch into holding mode, which will save you money on labour costs. What’s more, the smokers are fully stackable, so if you have more than one, you can markedly increase your food output without compromising on available floor space – a win-win situation. Finally, the smokers themselves are highly intuitive and simple to operate, meaning that not only will you get perfect results every time, but you’ll get the optimum result without the need for a fully qualified chef, saving you thousands in labour costs.

Convinced you? Now here are a few foods to try out in your shiny new Alto-Shaam smoker:


The traditional Christmas bird can be be cooked in all manner of different ways, with roasting perhaps the most popular of all as we gather around the table on Xmas Day for our yearly feast. Indeed, according to Aussie Turkeys, we each eat around one kilogram of turkey each year, the majority of which we consume at Christmas. However, smoking a turkey will add a whole new range of flavour to the big bird that you thought you knew. Not only will you keep the turkey moist and tender, but the smokiness takes the traditional taste and adds an exciting new twist – certainly one to try out on your menu!


Though it’s possible to buy smoked oysters in cans from supermarkets, they are nowhere near the quality that you can achieve when you smoke them yourself. Smoking oysters allows you to retain far more of the flavoursome juices than you previously thought possible, so you’ll be getting that fresh ocean taste that combines so wonderfully with the smoke from your Alto-Shaam. This could make for a sumptuous starter…


Keeping with the seafood theme, swordfish naturally has a mild, sweet taste, which you wouldn’t imagine is immediately suitable for smoking. However, as the meat itself is so dense and similar to steak in texture, don’t be afraid to give it a good smoking. It will come out bolder the brass (but taste much better), which gives the fish an extra air of versatility – give it a whirl!


Asparagus is one of the healthiest foods that it’s possible to eat, as it is jam-packed with all manner of different nutrients. Vitamins A and C, as well as iron, calcium and potassium are found in asparagus. Though it is usually boiled or steamed, smoking adds an extra dimension to the humble green shoot, meaning that whichever dish your chefs choose to serve with asparagus will have that little bit of added zing.

Alto-Shaam’s range of smokers come complete with a whole range of features designed to make the cooking process simpler, more efficient and deliver exceptional results every time – Want to know more about it, contact Illawarra Catering Equipment today. If you need finance approved - calculate your weekly repayments here today! If you need additional assistance call us if you have any questions on 02 4228 0100 or email us at marketing@icegroup.com.au.

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