Beef up your Grilling Game with the New Garland XPRESS Grill by Sara Mariani

Beef up your Grilling Game with the New Garland XPRESS Grill

Let's face it - grilling can be an art form. With skill shortages in our kitchens, training a grill operator can take weeks. With customer expectations of food quality only increasing, now is the time to ensure your restaurant has the the right commercial cooking equipment to deliver high standards every day of the week.

Known for its heavy duty design and long lasting performance, the Garland brand can add enormous value to your kitchen. These qualities are exemplified in the Garland XPress Grill, the latest addition to the product range.

Are you ready to change your grilling game for good? If so, the Garland XPress Grill is your newest toy! Here's everything you need to know.

How does the Garland XPress Grill work?

Regardless of what you're cooking, the traditional grilling method takes a lot of effort and precision. Not only does someone have to manually turn the food to ensure food is cooked evenly, but they also have to constantly monitor the product during cooking. With the Garland XPress Grill, these actions are both removed - saving time, money and improving output.

The XPress Grill features upper and lower grill plates that combine to cook both sides of the product simultaneously, reducing output times by 50 per cent. The upper grill plates are automatically raised and lowered by a lift system powered by a quiet actuator - linked to the programmable control panel.

The EasyTouch™ screen design is simple and intuitive, allowing you to select what type of food you're grilling (from preloaded information) and choose the level of cooking. With the simple touch of a button, the upper grill plate will lower and produce an evenly grilled product in half the time.

With the XPress Grill, you never have to worry about under or overcooking again and your staff can get on with other important tasks around the kitchen.

Flexible grilling for busy kitchens

The Xpress Grill comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from one, two or three grill plates. Not only does this ensure you buy the right size grill for your business needs, but gives you the ability to cook different products on each separate grill plate, further increasing productivity.

ICEGroup Garland Xpress Grill

For example, if you're running a breakfast buffet, you can have bacon, toast and mushrooms all on a separate grill lane. The cooking gap of 5cm between each lane ensures maximum flexibility, precision and quality for your restaurant. It's also possible to turn individual lanes off when not required - saving money on your power bills.

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