Beef up your Grilling Game with the New Garland XPRESS Grill

Let's face it - grilling can be an art form. With skill shortages in our kitchens, training a grill operator can take weeks. With customer expectations of food quality only increasing, now is the time to ensure your restaurant has the the right commercial cooking equipment to deliver high standards every day of the week. Known for its heavy duty...

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Where There's Smoke, There's Flavour that Lasts!

There can be little doubt that smoking certain types of food can add a whole new dimension to their flavour. Whether it’s a succulent rack of ribs or a tender ham, smoked foods can almost be treated as a delicacy when done right. Additionally, modern chefs are forever coming up with innovative new ways to smoke all kinds of different...

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What are the Benefits of Sous-Vide Cooking?

The concept of innovation should always be at the forefront of any restaurant owner's mind. Whether this is through new payment options for customers, diverse dining experiences or exciting menu items, the more that we think outside the box, the more our restaurants stand out from the crowd.In the kitchen, innovation could simply take the form of new cooking equipment and techniques, and...

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The Changing Foodie Trends & How Cafes are Adapting

New generations mean new tech, new points of view, and of course, new health habits. Millennial have become all about complex tastes, organic and natural ingredients, and keeping it simple while putting twists on the classics. This generation is focused on sustainable agriculture and a unique incorporation of meats, seafood, and yes, vegetables! For restaurants and cafes, it took some...

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The Benefits of Blast Chillers for Food Safety in the Hospitality Industry

As the world continues to grow and our knowledge of health advances, more and more individuals are demanding freshly frozen foods compared to mass produced meat and produce that has been shipped all across the country before making it to its final destination. There are many benefits to using blast chillers.   Bacteria Control Bacteria and food-borne illness are serious...

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Major Issues Facing the Hospitality Industry in 2017

Although the hospitality industry is currently booming, many studies have brought to light some issues that are currently being faced in the industry. These factors are limiting the current success of the industry and need to be overcome for the benefit of owners, managers, and staff. Here are some of the primary issues being faced right now. Growth (i.e., Competition)...

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